Survey Bypasser

We were recently able to develop a survey bypass that will allow you to bypass Surveys from AdworkMedia, ShareCash, FileFire, FileIce, AdscendMedia and much more.

Ever since Affiliate Marketing came out, Surveys have been a total pain in the ass. Almost everything is Content-Locked nowadays and why go through the trouble of completing a survey when you can simply open a small tool, type the ID of the Locker, and then get access to your file download or your website content?

Unfortunately a lot of people have started monetizing fake files to, so to actually find a person sharing real content you would have to complete tons of surveys. Additionally many providers purposely put errors in their lockers, that will prevent you from getting access the first time you complete a survey most of the time anyway. Although there are many others advertising Survey Bypasses, many of them content lock their surveys... WTF?!

Up until now, we used it mainly to unlock files for other people, but now we are sharing it with you!

We developed this tool back in December 2012, and it was 100% bug free and ready in February 2013. Once it was completed, we started offering our service in different forums, but because of the large quantity of fake files out there, many people accused us of never really unlocking the file and just creating the fake content to pretend our tool works.

Although we received a lot of negative feedback, we were still able to continue selling pretty well, and soon people started believing  us. In the month of April we made 2,500$ selling our services, for 1$ the file download. Although this is very good money, it meant be constantly available for potential costumers, and none of us was able to provide the necessary time towards the end.

Completing a Survey to gain access to a Survey Bypass? NO WAY!

As mentioned before, we do not believe in the idea of completing a survey to gain access to a survey bypass. Since we cannot, however, simply give out this software, we decided to sell the entire rights to the software! Yes, that is right. You literally own the software. You are allowed to sell single copies, offer your services, or alter the software any way you want. And the best part: You do not have to worry about anybody leeching the software making your copy worthless. YOU ARE THE ONLY OWNER!*

We were not really sure about the price, but later decided on 1,300$. Yes, that may seem like a lot of money, but if you have the time and are willing to put minimal effort into it, you will have the money back within 1-2 months.

Alright, but how does it work? 

Good question. Either you are either interested in what technique we used, or you thought it all sounded to good to be true up until now. Either way you will surely find a satisfying answer in this section.

Obviously we will not tell you everything this software, as it would allow copycats to create their own working software. The general idea behind the software is taking advantage of the time frame you have to download the software or viewing the content after completing a survey. Assume that you open a website and the information you are trying to view is locked with a survey. Assuming you complete a survey and gain access, if you reload the page you will still have access. This is because upon completion a cookie will be saved on your computer that will tell the content locker that you have already completed a survey in the recent past.

What the tool does, is create a cookie on your browser (by default FireFox, but supports all mainstream browsers) that will simulate that you have already completed a survey, forcing the Content Locker to give you access. Since the Content-Locker will only check for cookies and not contact the server, you will be able to use this tool even if nobody has ever really completed a survey before.

*Unless you sell the software, but that is pretty obvious